Apr 3 16 8:41 AM

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MaW is always on the move!

Every few months a Big Event takes place, it may be a Ban-a-card Tournament or even a big Worldwide Tournament! Learn here more about these big events.

Ban-a-card Tournament: Don’t miss your chance to make your mark in the near future of MaW, deciding every 3 months which 5 cards will be banned from the official game and won’t be able to be included in decks for 3 months. 

Influence Tournaments: Be a part os the history of MaW and make vital decisions for the fate of their characters and mythologies. Maybe even you can become a character in MaW and appear on a card.

Create-a-card Tournament: The winner of this tournament will decide the mythology, names and propose an ability for a card coming in the next expansion of the game. Maybe you can be that winner…  

National Tournament: If you want to achieve greatness among the Gods themselves, you must first prove yourself against the best players of your home country. Get rid of your enemies or rise above them as God of Gods. 

World Tournament: Once a year, MaW celebrates a unique event. There’s only one person capable of rising above a National Champion: the World Champion of MaW. Will that person be you?  

MaW has been organizing National Tournaments for 3 years, each year with more than 100 players, and in 2015 the first World Tournament took place with more than 180 players. 

Don’t miss the next big event!