Apr 3 16 1:51 AM

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Today we want to introduce you to some of the aspects of the organized game.

You’ll find specific information about each one of them further on. First, we’ll explain the recommended formats for the tournaments:

Standard format 1vs1: Each player faces their deck against their rival following the deck building rules and the list of banned cards. Multiplayer format: Play against up to 4 players until you are the only one alive.  

Sealed Format: the best format for Expansion Launch events. Create Oracle and Design piles for each player and give one pile to each player. Choose a card from your pile and then pass it to the player of your right, and so on until all cards are distributed. Each player plays with an special Pantheon made for Sealed game. 

Other formats We have many more formats, ideal for player who are looking for a more challenging experience in MaW 

In Couples, 2vs2. Each member of the couple must use a different Pantheon and all players share a common battlefield, adding their strength to their ally’s strength. 

Double Pantheon, combine the power of two Pantheons and decide your strategy choosing each turn which Pantheon to use. 

4/6, One Pantheon, 4 Oracle cards and 6 Design Cards. Make the best of your deck with your most powerful combos. 

Drunken, the best choice for your celebrations ;) 

Stay alert for new entries and know in depth each one of this formats!